Elder Abuse


Elder abuse is a serious crime going on in the United States. Many elderly people are abused whether it be by there own family, the people looking after them, or complete strangers that they do not even no. this is a serious crime that needs to be taken care of, old people are not able to take care of themselves because they are to weak and they rely on other people to help them. when these people that they rely on do not help them that is called elder abuse. some types of elder abuse are 1. Physical- this is when they are either hit, slapped, kicked, restrained, or giving improper or to much medication. 2. Psychological- this is when the old person is yelled at, sweared at, or humilated by the abuser. 3. Financial- this is when the old person is being abused by whoever is using there money or land. the abuser may sometimes change the will so they are included, use there money to get personnal things, or use there land for other things that the old person does not want to happen. 4. Sexual- forcing the old person to do sexual things that they do not want to take part in. 5. Neglect- this is when the abuser does not feed them, clothe them, or give them medication that they need. this is usually one of the most common forms of elderly abuse. if you notice any of these things happening to a elder that you no or the elder is telling you this is happening get them help immediatly.
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Elder Abuse: The Story of Norma Stenson

Sep 1, 2005 - © Mary M. Alward
Norma Stenson had been living in Charlotte Villa Retirement Home in Brantford, Ontario for only a month when her supplemental caregivers began to realize that something was horribly wrong.

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