Child abuse is harm to, or neglect of, a child by another person, whether adult or child. Child abuse happens in all cultural, ethnic, and income groups. Child abuse can be physical, emotional - verbal, sexual or through neglect. Abuse may cause serious injury to the child and may even result in death.



**//Nixzmary Brown//** was a 7 year old girl who was starved to a skeletal looking 36 pounds, imprisoned in her room, kept duct taped to a chair, raped orally, forced to use a cat’s litter box for a bathroom, eat cat food, then finally beaten to death, her head bashed into a bathtub faucet, for taking a strawberry Jello pudding snack from her family’s fridge and over a broken computer printer. Her death caused an overhaul to New York City’s ACS (child protective services) system. Three years after little Nixzmary was brutally murdered, the Governor of the State Of New York, David Patterson, signed a law bearing her name to protect children. The new law says that the maximum punishment for torturing a child under 14 to death is life in prison without parole.

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